"What we do to girls today will last society a lifetime."

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Prevention Intervention

"Pimp Proofing" Father/ Daughter Real Talk

Fathers - What is your "real" relationship with your daughter?  Daughters - What is your "real" relationship with your father?

Whether good or bad, best or worst there are some key understandings that "must" be established between fathers and daughters "if" emotional and civil well-being is to be sustained. 

Because, without them the risk of being "pimped, played and severely hurt" will be significantly increased.

Throughout the year this section will feature special discussions, events and invitations for fathers and daughters, alike, to engage like never before.  It is real.  It is raw.  And, it is intended to share the truth about prevention and intervention as related to keeping daughters in the know.  As well as, helping fathers know what and how to communicate affectionately to ensure their daughters safety, security and happiness, over the lifespan.

Is Your Man Plan Up To Date?

ALL fathers should have a "Man Plan" for both personal and family success.

But, what exactly is a "Man Plan" and how do you create one that will last for your legacy?  

Just remember, people play games.  Better have a "Man Plan" for life!

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