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"What we do to girls today will last society a lifetime."


Prevention Intervention

"Pimp Proofing" Father/ Daughter Real Talk

Fathers - What is your "real" relationship with your daughter?  Daughters - What is your "real" relationship with your father?

Whether in the streets or in the sheets there are some understandings that "must" be established between fathers and daughters "if" PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and FINANCIAL safety and well-being is to be sustained over the lifespan. 

Because, without them the risk of being "pimped, played and severely hurt" significantly increases.

Throughout the year this section will feature special discussions, events and invitations for fathers and daughters, alike, to engage like never before.  It is real.  And, at times it is raw.  But, its main purpose is solely to share the truth about prevention and intervention as related to keeping daughters safe, secure and in the know.  As well as, helping fathers know what and how to communicate affectionately to ensure healthy relations over the lifespan.

 Fathers, do you have your 2020 MAN PLAN?  Download now.

"Pimp Proofing" Recordings

Monthly on the 4th Thursday evenings from 6pm - 7pm PST fathers and daughters, nationwide, come together to discuss best practices to "Pimp Proof Daughters" and ensure resourceful and progressive dialogue with solutions.

Daughters Lives Matter invites you to be a part of these discussions.  However, should you miss "Pimp Proofing Daughters" live, you can listen  to the recordings at your convenience via the links provided below.

Listen to the series:

Sex Respect - 5/23/19

Sex Respect II - 6/23/19

Sex Respect III - 7/25/19

Also enjoy:

Is She Safe Back-To-School - 8/22/19

Thankful For My Daughter - 11/28/19

When Black Girls Go Missing - 12/1/19

Parents vs. Pimps - 1/23/20

Faith Walk - 2/27/20

Are You Raising A Pimp? - 3/26/20

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Do you realize that a woman or girl who has pride in herself and her culture will cause a man to respect, value and cherish who she is?  Fathers, teach your daughters to love themselves and value who they are.  Break the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking and poverty.  "Pimp Proof" the game.





($6.50 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

SUPPORT THE DAUGHTERS LIVES MATTER 2020 CAMPAIGN Represent and help us "Pimp Proof" 1000 girls in 2020 for:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance

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