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About Us

Our Principles

We believe a father should actively be about his daughters business by engaging her in:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance

By establishing a present and caring  foundation early, a father will greatly diminish the risk of a girl being a broke and broken women over her lifespan.

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Our Actions

Whether featuring our signature "Daughters Lives Matter" themed events, "When Fathers Talk About Their Daughters" discussions or hosting "Pimp Proofing Daughters" workshops, DLM keeps it real and relevant with both fathers and daughters about the good, bad and ugly.

Because, we know what life can and will look like "uncovered" in a girl's life of insecurities, falsehoods and vulnerabilities, its best that we bring fathers those strategies and solutions which help her to avoid the "Pimp" game early and without apology.

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Our Events

As organizer and host of Daughters Lives Matter "Cover Me Daddy", I want to take this moment and say "Thank You" for supporting the importance of "healthy" father/daughter relationships.  

Your generosity greatly helps our events grow and succeed.  So, please share www.daughterslivesmatter and help daughters thrive. 

 Tamara Williams, Stakeholder

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We need your support!.  Proceeds from Daughters Lives Matter T-Shirts help fund outreach and events to promote the importance of "healthy" father/daughter relationships.  As well as, provides continued support for:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance

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There are so many ways to support our mission.  Contact us to find out more about hosting opportunities, fundraising events, speaking engagements and ways to get our "healthy" father/daughter message to to the community.

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