Promoting "healthy" father/daughter relationships

Our Principles

We believe a father should be actively involved in his daughter(s) life, early on, to engage the following areas:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance

To do so means to disrupt the process of her insecurity, vulnerability and exploitation over the lifespan.


Our Actions

Pimp Proofing Daughters

Whether hosting events or promoting Daughters Lives Matter principles, we keep it real and resourceful for both fathers and daughters about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our objectives:

  • Keeping today's girls from being tomorrow's broken women.
  • Helping fathers obtain resources and support to implement the three DLM principles.

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Our Events

Each year, Daughters Lives Matter both hosts and collaborates with events and organizations that promote the importance of "healthy" father/daughter relationships over the lifespan.  

 The Mental Health of Domestic Violence sheds light on men and fathers impacted by intimate partner violence.

Get involve.  Sponsor, volunteer, exhibit, perform, promote  and attend.


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We need your support!.  Proceeds from Daughters Lives Matter T-Shirts help fund outreach and events to promote the importance of "healthy" father/daughter relationships.  As well as, provides continued support for:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance

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There are so many ways to support our mission.  Contact us to find out more about hosting opportunities, fundraising events, speaking engagements and ways to get our "healthy" father/daughter message to to the community.

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