Debra Mares and Terry Boykins with The Write of Your L!fe

Support Daughters Lives Matter

Helping girls impacted by trauma to overcome, build resilience and thrive is critical to not only their well-being, but to society as a whole.

Your sponsor support of Daughters Lives Matter involved programs, such as, The Write of Your L!fe by Women Wonder Writers, will help a youth girl engage in a proven curriculum of artistic and written expression that helps today's vulnerable girls from becoming tomorrow's hurt women.

Contact us today and learn more about how your tax-deductible contribution can benefit a youth girl to become enrolled in The Write of Your L!fe trauma-informed care curriculum. 

Thus, helping her to thrive:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Financially

*This campaign benefits victimization prevention outreach.

Why We Do It!

Whether addressing issues of insecurity, vulnerability, violence, abuse, trauma, abandonment, financial planning, relationships, education or career paths, Daughter Lives Matter creates opportunities that allow real-talk, resilience and prevention to occur effectively.

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Your purchase supports Daughters Lives Matter outreach and events that promote "healthy" father/daughter relationships involving:

  1. Education Attainment
  2. Victimization Prevention
  3. Poverty Avoidance